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Give us west, Especially us here in Idaho

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Come to Warren, OHIO Local 717 moncler womens jackets and see over 15,000 retirees moncler usa of Delphi/GM who worked over 30 years get all their income taken away while GM/Delphi keeps working. Delphi moved over 105,000 jobs overseas and dangled the carrot for workers to retire so they could get their jobs out of the USA. Now, they bankrupt America. At that time, Delphi was stated as a worldwide company when the stock was sold. moncler outlet online Now, it is divided and we are bankrupt facing poverty.

Come see what acres of barren American industrial plants look moncler outlet like. Then best moncler jackets show pictures uk moncler sale of the 105,000 over seas plants working moncler sale and not paying into American funding for reitrees. Come see the thousands of veterans (some Vietnam who were spit on when they returned from Vietnam) being spit on once again by America and GM. Come see the sick people with no money and no benefits being hung out to die, while foreigners are cheap moncler coats mens allowed to work their jobs.

There is no money for moncler outlet woodbury our pensions, but where did it go. It went overseas to make profits for executives. Come watch Americans who worked over 30 cheap moncler sale die, loose their homes, and watch us getting spit on by GM and the American government. It is not a pretty picture. We are crying in Warren, OHIO. Come and see our tears!

The City of Weston, FL (located just west of Ft. Lauderdale) is the first city in the nation to offer Readytown. ReadyTown is an all hazards on line moncler sale online preparedness tool to assist the community in preparing for an emergency.

It is a simple, step by step on line guide to building an emergency preparedness plan for individuals or families. Along with printing it out, the preparedness plan can be emailed to a personal email account so that it can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and also sent to family members and caretakers.

The City of Weston would appreciate a visit from you to show the rest of the nation how this innovative program can be utilized by other cities that deal with emergencies (hurricanes, tornatoes, earthquaqes, brush fires etc.).

You definitely need to take a look at VCSims new professional race car simulator, the RS1 Xtreme. It is very realistic with a moving seat and a 180 degree immersion system that puts you right in the action! There are two demo simulators out on the road at the moment. One is currently in Danville, CA and the other is in College Station, TX. These simulators are used by professional racing teams and enthusiasts alike.

The Lumsden Duck Derby is an annual fundraising event hosted by the Lumsden Sports Association. moncler outlet store Proceeds from the Duck Derby support capital expenditures of the Lumsden Sports Centre. The Sports Centre provides recreational activity including hockey, figure skating and curling to Lumsden and the surrounding communities.

Each year on Labour Day, up to 25,000 numbered plastic ducks are dropped into the Qu’Appelle River that winds through the scenic valley town of Lumsden. The first 20 ducks to cross the finish line win valuable prizes for their owners. This year you could be the winner of $1,000,000!

How about coming to Texas to watch the Stephenville/Brownwood high school football game on September 11 in Stephenville. We would be happy to host you during our morning pep rally at SHS and the game later that night.

I would like to invite you to visit uk moncler outlet Phoenix Arizona specifically, the Fish Tales Toastmasters Club. Now, at a time of such high unemployment, more and more people are focusing on improving their communication and leadership skills. These are highly marketable skills that can give a job applicant a real edge.

Toastmasters is a a nonprofit organization serving more than 250,000 members in 106 countries.

The Fish Tales Club, is relatively new. However, our meetings are always fun, informative, and full cheap moncler jackets of energy. We meet every Thursday from noon until 1 PM at the AZ Game and Fish Department headquarters office on Carefree Highway just west of I 17.

Saw Rob segment this morning about Yo Yo in Orlando and would like to invite him to stop at the home of America first Gypsy Vanner Horses in Ocala Florida. cheap moncler jackets mens We are only a mile off Interstate 75.

Ocala Florida is the home of 1,900 horse discount moncler jackets farms, is recognized as one of the most unique horse cities in the world and is the home of America newest breed, the Gypsy Vanner Horse.

The Gypsy Vanner Horse has only been in America since November 24th 1996. The famous drag car racer Big Daddy Don Garlits has a wonderful museum that is approximately one mile from Gypsy Gold.

We would love for you and your CNN crew to attend our Men National Tryout Camp in Atlanta, Georgia two weeks from today. As you may know, Team Handball, (not to be confused with the little ball being played in a racquetball court), is the second most popular sport in the world. Forty (40) million people play worldwide. The sport is booming right now in our country as we re build our National and Olympic teams.

Our top National coaches including Olympian Darrick Heath will be attending and putting our country top male athletes through hard core drills to determine who will be wearing the cheap moncler jackets womens red white and blue!

Dates: Friday August 28 (morning and afternoon sessions)

Saturday August 29 (morning and afternoon sessions)

Sunday August 30 (morning session only)

Location: Morris Brown College, downtown Atlanta, GA

I think this is a great opportunity for CNN to present one of the most exciting sports in the world.

This is why i beleive you should come to Pocatello,id. ( 250 miles north of Salt Lake City.) Resom moncler online store 1, is that you guys never come to the west that much, and especially Idaho. I would personally put out the dough for the gas for you to come to Pocatello. We have around 85000 people(including the suburb Chubbuck). There are amazing sites and historic sites and places and would love for you moncler sale outlet guys to see. There were a few more reasons. that I added in. Give us west, Especially us here in Idaho. We could use the excitement and I could shouw you some Idaho excitement. I hopw you have the timw and guts to make it Rob. I see all theses requests, but they have nothing on us. Plus. All the screaming and carrying on about the prospect of change in the health care system is nauseating. Seeing people out of touch with what is happening in this country is disturbing. I look at these outraged people who are probably people who didn vote for Obama and I have to say they are part of the problem. I am a nurse I work in the Urban areas, the poorest, and most uninsured people in the country. Obesity and lack of care is the biggest reason we are now having this debate. If these hecklers and yelling community members will ask themselves why do i have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol they can look in the moncler outlet prices mirror. Yes they may have health care but they may be the reason the rest of us don The cost of health care is driven thru the roof by people who overeat,don exercise,and overuse their doctor. I have seen so many people on multiple layers of medicine to control what could be moncler uk outlet controlled by simply getting their own weight under control. If you don want health care fine but don stop the rest of us from having hope for ourselves. Yes people from both sides need to moncler outlet sale be more in touch and educated. We have a responsibility to our country to change our lifestyle. Get up off Pour duffs and start helping each other. I teach proper diets and lifestyle to people who have no education about these things and it is shocking how out of control our diets are. Prevention is the key to saving the healthcare system not keeping the rest of us out of the loop. Mickey.