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How are you feeling a week later?Kendrick: I feel better about

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cheap jordans china Going to be OK. It going to release from its claw like shape any second, she joked by phone.It that kind of sharp wit and self deprecating humor that Kendrick is known for, especially on social media and in interviews, which she swears she not good at.Kendrick, 31, describes in her book how a number of female celebrities have launched a campaign called AskHerMore to be asked smarter questions on red carpets, rather than just what they wearing. Kendrick writes she wishes journalists would instead her less because she finds the situation to be so awkward.The Oscar nominee for the 2009 film in the Air, shares anecdotes and musings from her life thus far in the new book. She told The Associated Press what she learned from writing it and how Hollywood compares to Sylvia Plath Bell Jar. How are you feeling a week later?Kendrick: I feel better about it and I felt immediately better even the day after the election. I felt better knowing I wasn doing a traditional media tour. I interacting with groups of people who want to come out and hang out with me, but you know that it wasn like a press junket where we all just going through the motions and doing our jobs. It made me feel like it was maybe about connection and that probably a really good thing.AP: Did you learn anything about yourself while writing this book?Kendrick: I think the thing that surprised me was when I tried to write about money and growing up with two working parents who sometimes struggled. it kind of spiraled. I was like, maybe this is something I should work on and maybe not do it in a book for other people. I just realized, have these issues around money and I should probably get over it. There are bigger fish to fry in the world than me having money issues because of growing up with a very in the grand scheme of things a very privileged situation, but letting those insecurities eat at me in spite of the fact that I grew up white, middle class. I really just need to get over it and that was definitely really interesting. It wouldn have been something that I assumed I would have to work on.AP: You really seem to have managed to stay grounded through fame. Why do you think that is?Kendrick: I me all the time. It like a less depressing version of Bell Jar. You still you, wherever you go. It would be really tricky to try to normalize it and to feel like (fame) is all natural. In fact, trying to do that made me a little bonkers for a while. I very happy I allowed to be goofy and off center. cheap jordans china

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