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Winding through the hilly roads comfortably in luxury cars

I need to quote it here in its entirety just in case it gets deleted:You people just don get it.I find out where people ancestors come from usually when talking about food, and you people just don get monclerdownjacket it. I have family recipes for andouille or chorizo kolache (really klobasnek, which might have been first created over here), and for my great aunts jalapeno German potato salad, or of our corned beef on St Pat ( my last name is though that a habit developed on this side of the pond probably), and Europeans just don get it. And if I say my great grandmother invented the muffalletta, you just won get the joke.It sad that you just don get it; if they will bother to discuss being an immigrant society, they will talk about migrations in the early middle ages, or the number of Danes that moved to Sweden after WWII (or is it the other way around?); they don get it.Do you use masa or polenta? Why would I ever ask? You just don get it.

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