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Stranger Things does it well too

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cheap Canada Goose Really? If we talking solely hard scifi/fantasy, in terms of production values and how good a show looks, I put the Expanse just behind GoT and Westworld. Maybe I forgetting how bad it looked in season 1, but I remember being blown away by the visuals. It a space show, the CGI canada goose factory sale is much more in your face than those two shows. And as a space show, it definitely the best looking ever IMO.I curious, besides GoT and Westworld, what other shows reach your standards?I think Black Sails did it really well, but that is again also a Canada Goose Online matter of production values and not just CGI. It needs to be a good combo between the two. The Man in the High Castle is another. Stranger Things does it well too. But they use less so it’s both better quality and more sparingly used, making it easier to overcome its defects. The thing about canada goose a space Canada Goose sale show is of course the heavy amount of CGI required, so the budget for each shot gets diluted, compared canada goose coats on sale to the others I mentioned. I get the reality of it. But that doesn’t trick my eyes into seeing cheap Canada Goose Coats something I can believe.I recently saw a 25 min or so battle sequence from buy canada goose jacket cheap the Expanse, on YT, and I assume that’s the best the show has to offer visually. To canada goose store me it just looked cheap, Im sorry. The sets simply do not look real, canada goose coats including the bridge of this powerful warship. The CGI is TV quality. And uk canada goose outlet it just confirms what my impression was from watching half the first season. To me canada goose uk outlet it doesn’t look like it gets better.And Altered Carbon. Lets take the very first episode. Do you seriously think the CGI in the hotel lobby shootout was good?This happens for like every show r/television loves, it’s not exclusive to the expanse, and not because syfy tends to cancel good shows. It’s because people in this sub nonstop praise shows the sub overwhelmingly think are good. It gets worse when the show Canada Goose online is either cancelled, or cheap Canada Goose new episodes start. How many fucking posts did we see about Legion being the best show ever when the season started? How many threads have we seen about The Leftovers being some hidden gem that people need canada goose uk black friday to see? I’m convinced most stuff like this is buy canada goose jacket just a plea for karmaI canada goose clearance got one episode in. With respect to those who enjoy it, I felt it was derivative in its stylistic sensibilities and I just really tired of dark and edgy imaginations of the future of humanity.I really crave a return to Canada Goose Outlet the optimism and values of Canada Goose Parka ST:TNG. So many sci fi shows of the last 20 years are filled with relationships defined by their dysfunction or hostility and the stories wind up just being about people who hate each Canada Goose Jackets other. I guess pre 9/11 sci fi in general. Even Babylon 5 felt more optimistic than most of the sci fi from the last decade or so yes, there will be wars, yes humans cheap canada goose uk aren perfect and yes, those in power will often abuse it. But it was still very much about achieving great things through co operation, unity and determination.If you haven already, give Netflix Lost in Space a go. I haven finished it yet, but the first canada goose black friday sale few episodes have a real focus on using teamwork, knowledge and skill uk canada goose to solve problems in a way I not seen for some canadian goose jacket time.That not what The Expanse is about though. It a near future vision of humanity. It a logical progression of our current society both culturally and technologically.TNG tried to tackle the socio political challenges of a future humanityYeah but The Expanse isn about future canada goose clearance sale humanity. It about current humanity, in the near future, in a plausible scenario of colonizing the solar system.I love TNG as well and think it one of the best sci fi shows canada goose uk shop ever but to criticize The Expanse solely based on ”it not TNG” is unfair. And The Expanse is not really some edgelord ”gritty” story that is dark just for the sake of being dark because it trendy.the driving values were of redemption, problem solving, and cooperation.1) I have no idea what is going on. The story is a little too confusing, aided in part to weird digressions and flashbacks that aren properly set up or introduced.2) I have no idea who anyone is. Literally the only person we know anything about is the main dude from space I dont even know his name, and Canada Goose Coats On Sale all we know is that he has a mom in Montana cheap Canada Goose.