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Let’s face it Washington, DCdoesn’t know how to do anything

Who is The Super Secret Debt Reduction Committee Fooling

?So we all had the wonderful experience this summer of seeing our government fail to do its duty and as a consequence of that in a government that was suppose to be completely transparent, we now have super secret debt committees. These committees are much like the death panels that the Republicans described when calling my dying Mother of cancer. They are suppose to have the power to decide life and death over ordinary citizens.

buy canada goose jacket But here is the trick. It is a political year and neither party wants to be held accountable for their mistakes. Let’s face it Washington, DCdoesn’t know how to do anything without stick the American people with the check because they are completely lead around by their noses by corporate America and OPEC. So they have made a bipartisan committee to reduce this debt and they are fighting. Huge surprise in America. Nothing against China but their congress functions more efficiently then ours now. And I have watched Chinese Congress and it is a free for all. Michelle Bachmann should run for Chinese Congress she would fit in perfectly. I am certain China would not have. So the Super Secret Debt Reduction canada goose outlet germany Committee is going to let all of the Triggers take effect. They don’t want to be responsible. God forbid anyone in DC be responsible or accountable. I actually watch Meet the Press for an hour this morning and I like David Gregory but I was insulted that an hour canada goose outlet seattle of my time was wasted over this debate. buy canada goose jacket

No one has the stones in DC to do their job. It is why I have advocated throwing all the bums out of DC until we find a group that works on behalf of the American People. So we all know it is coming and we are all going to be starved and homeless because of really awful decisions by both parties. My beautiful son who wants only good for the world and wishes to be the future president of the United States of America will never receive his deserved funding and even worse his country is going to neglect him. And all of those politicians are living like fat canada goose outlet uk sale cats at the expense of every person outside of the beltway.

cheap canada goose uk The only thing I think America should unite over is getting rid of their crooked government. And I mean all of them. No one should be spared especially if they actually do let the triggers take effect. Any attempt to make anymore hardships on the American people will be met with the greatest resistance possible. And we aren’t going to war for a country who can’t feed us, educate us, give us jobs, give us decent healthcare, or enfranchise us. It is not happening anymore. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose clearance sale Consider as soon as those triggers kick in consider all thirteen spears broken in the Talon of the American seal. canada goose clearance sale

And DC better look around fast and find some carrots to throw to all of the American People because it has been a decade of destitution in this country while those fat cats in DC live high high high on the hog and it is over.

canada goose uk outlet So stoneless lazy cowardly Super Secret Debt Reduction Committee who can’t do your job, we aren’t in a forgiving mood. We have gone hungry and been deprived of basic necessities for far too long while all of canada goose outlet store toronto your have lived very well. The American People will answer either way if they aren’t helped financially immediately and both parties can kiss all their ambitions goodbye. And remember one day you will have to walk among us and you will answer for your actions or therefore lack of actions then. Throw all the Bums Out!! Everyone in this country knows that the major liabilities and the biggest welfare recipients are the crooks inside the beltway and not the people outside the beltway. Cutting inside the beltway first and most logical step. canada goose uk outlet

JT Walters

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The cult on the inside of the beltway is meant to be humorous but it might make you stop and think and thanks for the reading me.

Canada Goose Online The ”Throw the Bums Out” and the other stuff Max is referring canada goose victoria parka outlet to are direct insults to me on your hub. He is using your hub to take jabs at me. He is really in violations of terms of service but he knew you wouldn’t know and would approve his comments. Canada Goose Online

He is using you so just watch yourself please.

All My Best,Steve Orion

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Ok, thanks for the clarification. It, indeed, can’t be ”cured,” nor does it need to be. As for Max, I wasn’t canada goose outlet black friday sale going to send him my SSN and canada goose outlet usa bank statements anytime soon, so no worries =)

canada goose As for the topic of discussion, I’ll read some more about your plan and the article linked to cut the beltway. Thanks for the info!JT Walters canada goose

6 years ago from FloridaIt isn’t a disease according to the DSM V (the medical community). It was a typo. It was considered one back in the 1970(s) but no longer. That is why I find it absurded for Bachmann’s husband to be given federal canada goose outlet dollars to run a clinic to cure a disease which the medical community no longer canada goose outlet london uk ocnsiders a disease. Homosexuality is NOT a disease!! So a taxpayer funded clinic to treat it seems extremely wasteful.

Canada Goose sale Sorry for the typo. Canada Goose sale

6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

”Homosexuality is a disease. It can’t be treated.” Pardon? Are you saying that is what Bachmann thinks or what you think? I was following you until that point.